Mississauga Animals & Wildlife

Coyote Information Night 

2024 February 15th 2024

Attended by approximately 30 people in-person and 78 residents online, #Mississagua’s Coyote Information Night on February 15th was excellent.  The presentation given by Animal Services Officers was very enlightening .  In attendance were several Animal Services Officers, as well as City Councillors Joe Horneck, Stephen Dasko, Chris Fonseca, Dipika Damerla, Carolyn Parrish. Online were Councillors John Kovac and Brad Batt   

Did you know:

  • Animal Services want to hear about EVERY coyote sighting (even if it is same coyote in the same place at the same time every day) or any feeding of wildlife you may see. Easily report using the online interactive map or form.
  • that the City of Mississauga cannot relocate coyotes more than 1 km - a distance mandated  by Ontario’s Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act, 1997 last updated June 2023.
  • that dog poop and bird feeder spillage attracts rats and coyotes so keep your yard clean.
  • that instead of whistles, you should carry unusual items to scare away “urbanized” coyotes who are familiar with regular city sounds like car horns and soccer game whistles. So, shake a pop can with some pennies or use an umbrella that opens and closes (which also makes you look bigger), or even a large green trash bag that can be filled with air and snapped.  Anything that makes uncommon sounds.
  • that Animal Services has specific procedures outlining the classification and steps to follow for interactions with coyotes?
  • that Animal Services will gladly give the same presentation to your school or community group for free? Call either 311 or direct 905-896-5858


To see the entire meeting watch the video:  https://www.mississauga.ca/city-of-mississauga-news/news/coyote-information-session-video-recording-now-available/


For more information or to report a sighting or interaction visit : Coyotes – City of Mississauga

2022  Rat Sightings and Concern in Applewood - August 11th, Community Meeting with Region of Peel & City of Mississauga staff

Tuesday, August 11th 2022 from 7pm - 8:30 pm a virtual meeting will be held to discuss the rat sightings and rat problem that is happening in the Applewood area.

There are over 40 residential properties that have been and continue to be affected by this serious problem for several months now in this area.


This meeting is with the Region of Peel and City of Mississauga's executive staff members which include Director of Health Louise Aubin, Dr. Lawrence Loh, Councillor Fonseca, Director of Enforcement Sam Rogers and others.


A Region of Peel staff member will be moderating this meeting.


If you would like to join this meeting, please reply to this email so that complete access to this virtual meeting along with the agenda will be emailed to you.


There is also the option of joining the meeting via phone and this can/will be sent to you if you prefer this option.


Please feel free to share this information with other neighbours and/or friends who you feel would be interested in joining this important meeting for our community and overall in Mississauga as surely other communities in the city have rat concerns.


Should you have any questions about any of the above, please email applewoodhhra@gmail.com or go to the Contact tab of this website to submit your question and/or comment.