Current Community Concerns

January 18, 2021 - Pending

Concerns of Safety in AHH Area

AHHRA members requested to meet with Ward Councillor, Community Police Officer and Neighbourhood Watch Representative to discuss safety in this community.  A reply to the AHHRA's  request for a meeting date has not been received to date.

November 30, 2020 - Pending until completion of all action items agreed upon.  Action taken by the City Staff began in mid-January 2021 on some of the streets.

Concerns on Traffic Speeding and Noise in Applewood Hills & Heights (AHH) area

AHHRA members requested to meet with Ward Councillor and City staff to discuss the ongoing concerns of vehicle traffic in the AHH area.  Councillor Fonseca and City's Road Safety Manager Colin Patterson as well as the Councillor's administrative assistant joined the meeting along with the concerned members who were able to attend.

There are 8 identified streets shared by members that were addressed and the discussions focused on the best way to address these concerns in order to reduce the vehicle speed and noise on these streets.  A complete summary has been prepared for the different means to be taken in handling these vehicle speeding and noise issues.

October 6, 2020 - Pending

Concerns on Noise Control By-Law that is being revised by City By-Law staff

AHHRA members requested to meet with Ward Councillor to discuss their concerns on the changes being planned to this by-law as well as to give their feedback on noise concerns for the Applewood Hills & Heights area overall.

Jun 2020 - Successfully completed and ongoing. 

The Region of Peel's Rat Control Subsidy Pilot Program began in Jan, 4, 2021 in response to the AHHRA's initiative in addressing this concern with the Region of Peel staff and Councillor.

Program information that all Region of Peel Residents who are experiencing rats problems on their residential properties can apply for is available at:

Concern - Rat Sightings in some neighbourhoods.

The Director of Health with the Region of Peel was sent emails/letters on June 3, 2020 and June 15th, 2020 by the AHHRA addressing this issue. 

Two replies have been received and the Region of Peel staff are presently working with the residents impacted on resolving this very important concern.

Matter has been addressed with the Region of Peel and City of Mississauga staff  and is pending resolution.

February 2020 - Pending

Concern - Intersection at Brekenridge and Cawthra

Request for safer car access from Brekenridge turning left onto Cawthra.

Matter has been addressed with City of Mississauga Transportation staff and is pending resolution.

February 2020 - Successfully Completed in late Fall 2020

A 3 way traffic light intersection installed by the City's Transportation & Works Dept. about 50 m east of this intersection at Rymal & Bloor in the fall of 2020.

Concern - Intersection Cedar Creek and Bloor Street

Request for traffic lights at this corner to allow for safer and easier access for drivers driving out of Cedar Creek and turning left onto Bloor Street.

Matter has been addressed with City of Mississauga Transportation staff and is pending resolution.

December 2019 - Successfully Completed in late Fall 2020

At the Tomken & Flagship Intersection the traffic light signals have been updated for left turn signals as well as left turn road lanes were added on Tomken Road by the City's Transportation & Works Department.

Concerns - Intersection of Tomken and Flagship 1.  Speed on Tomken Road &          2. left turn signal at traffic lights for all directions.

Peel police was informed about the speed on Tomken Road as well as this being a school zone - with 2 public schools on each side of Flagship on Tomken Road -  much more monitoring is needed.

Left turn signals requested at this intersection for traffic travelling north/south and east/west to improve traffic flow and reduce traffic build up especially during school start of day and end of school hours.

Police replied that more supervision would be made in this area to address the car speeding on Tomken.

Traffic lights- both for green pedestrian crossing time and left turn signals still pending resolution with City of Mississauga staff.

June 2019

Concern - Intersection at Tomken Road and Runningbrook Drive:  Successfully resolved.

1. Speed of cars along Tomken & 2. Increase in the time of green light for pedestrians to cross the street in all directions.

Both matters were addressed in June 2019 with City staff and Peel Police.

Peel Police replied that greater monitoring would be made along this area of Tomken Road as frequently as possible.

With respect to timing of traffic lights for pedestrian crossing:  City staff inspected the traffic lights and confirmed that there was a malfunction with the lights and time allowed for pedestrian crossing.  This problem was fixed and the allowed time to cross Tomken Road east to west has been reset to 30 seconds with 10 seconds the green hand symbol being shown and for the remaining 20 seconds the red hand symbol shown.  For this 30 second time to be activated the button for pedestrian crossing must be pressed. 

May 22, 2019

1. Concern - Residential: Semi-detached, Carport Enclosure Matter: Successfully Resolved

In September 2018, several residents on Ivernia Road learned of the application being submitted to the Committee of Adjustments (COA) for a carport area in a semi-detached property to be completely enclosed and to be used as additional living space.

The owners' of the property had already began this process by enclosing the carport's northern wall area as well as framing the area for the remainder of work to be completed and, had done so without obtaining the required city permit.

Neighbouring residents became very concerned of the overall impact this change would make to the street took the initiative of circulating a petition in the surrounding area, sent letters to the COA, as well as attended and expressed their concerns and requested that this application not be permitted at the Committee of Adjustments meeting where this matter was addressed. After the discussion between COA members, applicant and residents, the decision was that any carport enclosure would not be permitted and the northern wall that had been already been built without a permit as well as any installed framing had to be removed.

Following this, there was a required 6 week appeal period to which no appeal was submitted. After this, the matter went to the City's By-law enforcement office to further address that the decision was carried/completed. The applicant was then given 6 months to remove the northern wall and all installed framing to the carport.

The northern wall and framing have now been removed completely.

With the joint efforts of the local residents this matter has been resolved favourably and Thank you to all community members for your support on this neighbourhood issue!


2. Police Report for May 1 - May 17, 2019

As per police report, for the week of May 7 - 16 there were 2 separate car theft incidents on the same night on Pinesmoke Crescent. Both matters are now being dealt with by the police and insurance companies.

Plus, on May 7, 10, 11, & 14 there were 4 incidents of theft from vehicles on the following streets: Riverspray Cres., Cindy Cres., Media Court and Silverspear Road.

It is recommended that all car FOBs (electronic car starters) be kept as far away from the front inside area of our homes as this closer proximity to our cars parked in our driveways can be wirelessly accessible for car access.

If you have any incidents or suggestions to share, please reply to this email and with your permission they can also be posted on the AHHRA website.

April 2018

For the  'Revitalized' School Field at Applewood Heights Secondary School Issue which began in April 2018, please go to its own sub-tab with title AHSS Field for current updates.