Jan. 11, 2022 - Natural Ice Rinks in Applewood Hills & Heights Area

The lower winter temperatures have arrived and the community volunteers for the 2 natural ice rinks in the Applewood Hills & Heights (AHH) area are preparing the neighbourhood rinks that will be available for free to all residents to skate on.

As noted in a previous email the two rinks in the AHH are at:

Cherry Hill Park at 828 Flagship Drive at Rymal

Silverthorn Park at 3373 Cawthra Road accessible from path way off CedarCreek Dr. or from Schomberg Ave.

There is a third and smaller rink in Applewood Hills Park just south of Bloor Street on the park's east side and behind the property boundaries of a residential property. It has been learnt that "There is also a DIY natural ice rink behind a residents house in Applewood Hills. Being a do-it-yourself site, it does not have a heated rink hut with City water/hoses/tools etc. The City just puts up the boards and the resident fills it with water from their garden hose. This rink is also half the size of our standard 48’ x 80’ rinks."   As it is on City park property it too is open for use for free by residents at any time.

Google map showing both park locations is https://www.google.com/maps/@43.6046722,-79.6084264,16z

For the DIY rink - it is accessible on the south side of the Bloor Street bridge and Grand Forks where the Apple Hills Medical Centre is located.

On this website's Gallery section are photos of the Cherry Hill Park's natural ice rink when the liner was placed this past weekend as shared from August, lead community ice rink volunteer.

Thank you to August and to all volunteers who are helping out for these facilities to be available for all residents to enjoy!

PLEASE NOTE following request regarding natural ice rinks:

When both rinks are ready for use, it will be shared in an upcoming update.

It is very important to please stay off the natural ice rinks until they are ready to be used.

At the Cherry Hill Park location, signage is there stating to stay off the natural ice rink at the present time.

Signage will be placed again when the ice rink is ready to be skated on. This is a very critical point of preparation for it to open. “FOOTPRINTS and/or SKATING” on it = disaster at this critical time in the build out.

Thank you to everyone for your cooperaton in this matter. 

Natural Ice Rinks in Applewood Hills & Heights (AHH) area, Winter 2021

The AHH area is very fortunate to have 2 City natural ice rink facilities in this community;  And even more fortunate to have amazing volunteers live in the area and who so willingly dedicate their time and effort into managoing these skating rink facilities for everyone to use.   

The rinks are located at Cherry Hill Park at Flagship & Rymal and second one at Silverthorn Park.   They are open from 7 am - 11 pm daily and use is always subject to ice conditions.  Fortunately, the temperatures are now in the negative range which make the conditions very favourable for these outdoor natural rinks.

For photos of both rinks, please view this website's Gallery tab. 

To learn more about the City of Mississauga's Natural Ice Rink program visit, https://www.mississauga.ca/events-and-attractions/parks/natural-ice-rinks/

Please note:  Due to the continued covid measures, please ensure you are following Government and City by-laws that are in place at this time when visiting these facilities.