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 3300+ signatures have been collected on the Petition! Feb 2024

928 online survey responses! 

Do you want BLOOR Street to change

from 4 vehicle lanes to 3 vehicle lanes - ONE LANE in each direction

plus 1 centre turning lane from Central Parkway to Etobicoke?


Join the over 3300 local area residents from Mississauga who have signed the petitions objecting to lane reduction changes to 1 lane each way,. 1 centre turning lane and cycle tracks on the boulevards of Bloor Street.



STOP 1 LANE EACH WAY ON BLOOR with a centre turning lane.

Click, type, and email. OR Download the PDF to print and sign.  (Apple Users, please download) 

Return petitions via mail to:applewoodhhra@gmail.com 

Request a lawn sign! Email us. 

An optional $10 donation is appreciated but not required.

SURVEY - Closed

Thank you to all who have participated and shared their comments. We have gathered signifcant data. 

Help us gather data. Despite repeated requests to the City of Mississauga asking for supporting data, they have refused.  For or Against or somewhere In between, we need to hear from you.

  Download the poster PDF and share! 

Update on Save Bloor Street Campaign

The SaveBloor Street committee continues to address this very important local community issue.  


Thank you to all residents for your ongoing support. 

Below is an update of where we are now and since the campaign began in mid-July 2023:

  • Over 2500+ signatures have been made to the SaveBloor petition.  More signatures are being received daily as sent to us via email or by door-to-door petitioning.  
  • 928 online surveys with feedback have been received to now.  
  • 87.4% of the respondents to the online survey object to Alternative 6 of Bloor Street being changed to a 2 lane roadway with a centre turning lane. 
  • Along with door to door petitioning by committee members and AHHRA members and/or other residents who have volunteered to petition on their behalf in support of this issue - 3 plaza blitzes have been held at Applewood Hills Plaza, Highpoint Mall and Iona Plaza.
  • Two-hundred signs were ordered with almost all requested by local residents to place on their properties.  
  • Resident donations for the lawn signs received is $441.80.
  • Another sign order may be placed and residents will be informed if it is.

A meeting request was made via email to Ward 3 Cllr Fonseca and Ward 4 Cllr Kovac on Monday, August 14th, 2023.  Ward 3 Cllr Fonseca agreed to meet with only one committee member.  

This meeting was held on Mon. Sept. 18th at @8:30 am.


The committee's Win-Win-Win proposal for city staff was shown to Cllr. Fonseca. The proposal is attached for your review.

This win-win-win alternative is a doable one as city staff have presented in previous alternatives.

  • The current petition numbers, survey results, feedback from community and safety concerns were stressed; and, in particular the driveways for residents who live on Bloor Street and their safety access out of their driveways were discussed with Cllr Fonseca.  
  • As well the traffic congestion that would be created with the increase in residential building development of 7 more rental buildings on & off Bloor Street east of Dixie area. 
  • CFonseca responded that she would speak with city staff regarding the win-win-win proposal that was presented to her and get back to the committee representative after she receives a reply from city staff to it.  Follow ups to this meeting are being made.
  • Our community efforts are ongoing.  

Please continue to:

  • Share what is being planned by the city to family, neighbours and friends who live in Mississauga. 
  • Let us know if you would like to sign the petition so that one of our members can drop by your home for this to be done.  
  • And, if you can petition more signatures from family/friends/neighbours please do so and contact us for the form to be picked up.
  • The more signatures we have the more powerful our voice.

We thank everyone for your ongoing support as we continue to work together as a community to address and resolve this very important local issue.

 A TEST is happening right now on Bloor of 1 lane each way due to the watermain construction. Two residents have sent videos!  

Bloor Street is the TEST There are 10 other streets being considered for a "road diet"

● Central Parkway        ● Rathburn Road       ● Aquitaine Avenue      ● Argentia Road      ● Thomas Street

● Battleford Road         ● Erin Centre Blvd     ● Erindale Station Rd   ● Ridgeway Drive    ● The Collegeway 


On Wednesday, June 28th, 2023 – despite strong resident opposition, Mississauga's City Council approved a $27 Millon tax dollar Bloor Street redesign called “Alternative 6”. 


Alternative 6 includes the following:

  • Reducing Bloor Street from current 4 lanes to 3 lanes. One car lane in each direction with centre turning lane.
  • Bike lanes on both sides on the boulevards next to the curb
  • The car lanes would also be narrowed (made smaller)


                                                      Below is the draft image of Alternative 6.

During the Council discussions two alternative options were discussed:

      1. The option of an Alternative 7 
      2. A pilot project to reduce Bloor Street to 2 vehicle lanes plus 1 centre turning lane for 6-8 months before any final decisions are made.

The pilot project, put forward as a ‘friendly amendment’ to the original motion for Alternative 6, was rejected by Councillor Fonseca and was therefore not voted on by the Council.

Vote was 6:4 in support of Alternative 6.


Mayor Crombie

Ward 1 Cllr. Stephen Dasko

Ward 2 Cllr. Alvin Tedjo

Ward 3 Cllr. Chris Fonseca (Applewood Hills & Heights Ward 3 representative)

Ward 6 Cllr. Joe Horneck

Ward 8 Cllr. Matt Mahoney


Ward 4 Cllr. John Kovac (neighbouring Ward 4 representative)
Ward 5 Cllr. Carolyn Parrish
Ward 7 Cllr. Dipika Damerla
Ward 11 Cllr. Brad Butt


Ward 9 Cllr Matthew Reid

Ward 10 Cllr Susan McFadden

Where to find additional information?

At the June 7, 2023 General Committee meeting, the City's Corporate Report recommending Alternative 6 was presented and is viewable at the below link with is Agenda items 7.1, 7.4 - 7.9 and 10.1.


In the News (most recent news at top) 

        Letter to the Editor, Mississauga News, July 12

  • Mississauga Council Approves Bike Lanes on Local Road

        July 6th, 2023 print issue of Mississauga News  - Click on PDF  --> 

  • "Mississauga council approves $27M road redevelopment with bike lanes on local street amid resident oppositionBloor Street project includes vehicle lane reduction, new MiWay bus stops"

         By Steve Cornwell Mississauga News Wednesday, June 28, 2023, 2 min to read



City Community Meeting for the Bloor Street Integrated Project

March 31st, 2022

In response to the AHHRA's request from their March 31st, 2022 in-person community meeting with Central Bloor Street residents and city staff , the City is now holding a workshop format community meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 29th from 7 pm - 8:30 pm at the Mississauga Valley Community Centre to address the cycle track proposal included in the Bloor Street Integrated Project. 

All residents are welcome to attend this important community meeting and in particular residents who live on Bloor Street and neighbouring area who are the ones who would be mostly impacted by any cycle tracks placed on the Central Bloor Street area between Dixie and Cawthra. 

Residents in the Bloor Street and neighbouring street area should be receiving the city's postcard invitation for this meeting.  


2022 Municipal Election Results

The City of Mississauga's Official election results are avaialble at https://mississaugavotes.ca/2022-municipal-election-results

For this year's election the voter turnout overall for the City of Mississauga was 21.8%.

In Ward 3 only, from the 42,356 eligible voters 9,360 (22%) people voted.

The next municipal election is scheduled for October 2026.

Ward 3 Municipal Candidates Meeting - Oct. 5, 2022

All City of Mississauga Ward 3 residents are welcome to join the Applewood Hills & Heights Residents' Association's  (AHHRA)  2022 Municipal Candidates meeting to be held on:

Date: Wed. October 5th, 2022

Time: From 7 pm - 9 pm

Location: Burnhamthorpe Public Library's Program room.

If you would like to attend this important meeting for the opportunity to meet and ask questions to the Ward 3 Councillor and Trustee candidates in attendance - and who you will be voting for in the upcoming Municipal election on Monday, Oct. 24th, 2022 - please RSVP now or by Tues. Oct. 4, 2022 by email to the AHHRA's at applewoodhhra@gmail.com

Municipal Elections 2022

Monday, October 24th is Municipal Election Day across Ontario.

All eligible voters have the opportunity to vote for their representative for the position of Mississauga Ward & Regional Councillor and School Trustee for the 4 publicly funded school boards in Ontario.

The City of Mississauga has 11 Wards from which we in the Applewood Hills & Heights area are in Ward 3. Ward 3's Boundaries are East to West - from Toronto border to Cawthra on east side and North to South from south side of Eglinton to North side of Dundas.

In this year's Municipal elections for Ward 3:

- For the City of Mississauga and Region of Peel representing Ward 3 Councillor's position there are 6 candidates.

- For the representing School Board Trustee for the Peel District School Board (PDSB) there are 7 candidates.

- For the representing Separate School Board Trustee for the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board (DPCDSB) there are 3 candidates.

The complete list of candidates is viewable at:  https://mississaugavotes.ca/who-are-my-candidates/

We would like to share with all AHHRA members and residents that for the Ward 3 Councillor's position, one of the AHHRA's lead members Athina Tagidou is one of the candidates in the upcoming October 24th election.

All residents are welcome and encouraged to reach out to Athina directly at info@voteathina.com and/or at 647.679.4535 to either speak on the phone and/or meet and discuss your concerns, her experience and vision for Ward 3 and our Applewood Hills & Heights community.

Ward 3 candidates meeting is being planned by the AHHRA for the opportunity to meet each Ward 3 Councillor and Trustee candidate in-person and will include a Q&A from the residents to candidates. More information on this will be shared within the next few weeks.

If you would like more information on Municipal Elections as provided by: the Government of Ontario, please visit https://www.ontario.ca/page/municipal-elections

An interesting article on the 'Importance of Municipal Elections' is available at https://www.modernmississauga.com/main/2022/8/21/the-importance-of-municipal-elections

July 25, 2022 - Traffic Calming Devices in Applewood

In the Applewood Hills & Heights (AHH) area there are currently 4 locations where Traffic Calming Devices are being proposed/considered for placement.

These Traffic Calming Devices are one of four types: Raised Crosswalk, Speed Cushions, Raised Intersection and Split Speed Humps.

These 4 locations for AHH are:

1. Rymal Road from Bloor Street to Tomken Road

Survey period began July 5 and goes to July 30, 2022. 

Link to complete survey is https://survey123.arcgis.com/share/2a98999709e24051b1f07d6dd937b48c?open=menu and click on 'Open in Browser'

2. Constitution Blvd from Dundas to Flagship

Survey period began July 5 and goes to July 30, 2022.

Link to complete survey is https://survey123.arcgis.com/share/47ad95d8a0864e7dbe4f4dd90bc13836?open=menu and click on 'Open in Browser'

3. Queen Frederica from Bloor Street South to Dundas

Survey period began July 5 and goes to July 30, 2022.

Link to complete survey is https://survey123.arcgis.com/share/47ad95d8a0864e7dbe4f4dd90bc13836?open=menu and click on 'Open in Browser'

4. Golden Orchard from Bloor to Dixie -

Survey period was from June 1st and closed on June 27, 2022.

City staff will now review the surveys which have been submitted before a decision is made. City's plan for this proposal is viewable at https://www.mississauga.ca/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/19112303/Golden-Orchard-Dr-TC-Plan.pdf

Residents living on all of the above streets, as well as streets adjacent to each, should have received a letter/notice from the City informing them of this proposal with a link and/or QR code to the survey and info page for each proposal. If by chance you did not receive this letter/notice or you have not already completed the survey(s), please take a few minutes to complete the above 3 surveys that are open until July 30th, 2022 with the direct links noted above for each area 1, 2 & 3.

All residents' input is requested, valued and much appreciated.

In June 2021, the first street where 'speed humps' were placed in the Applewood Hills & Heights (AHH) area was on Flagship from Queen Frederica to Rymal. This spring, Golden Orchard from Burnhamthorpe to Bloor is the second street where they were placed. There are currently @42 street locations in the City of Mississauga where such Traffic Calming Devices are placed.

If you would like to give additional feedback to the city's Traffic Calming Devices program overall and/or for city staff to review for any one of the 4 currently proposed streets in AHH area, you can also do so by submitting your feedback online via 311 at https://www.mississauga.ca/contact-us/email-customer-service/ When doing so, please put the name of the street/proposal you would like to comment on at the start of your message or note 'Feedback for Traffic Calming Devices'.

July 16, 2022 - Update

NEW!  Update on the Applewood Heights SS field's nuisance matter is now available under the 'Community Updates' tab an then click on 'AHSS filed'

AHHRA's - 2022 Provincial Candidates Meeting

The AHHRA's Provincial Candidates Meeting for the upcoming provincial election is happening on Thursday, May 19th, 2022 from 7 - 9 pm.

This will be an in-person meeting.

All Missisauga East-Cooksville residents are welcome to join this meeting for the opportunity to meet the candidates and to have your questions asked by each of them.

There are 7 candidates for Mississauga East-Cooksville electoral district for this provincial election. Six of the 7 have confirmed their attendance for this meeting for the following parties (in alphabetical order): Green, Liberal, NDP, New Blue, Ontario and PC (Incumbent).

The New Blue and Ontario Party are two new parties which have been created by former PC MPPs.

If you would like to attend, please confirm your seat by emailing the AHHRA at applewoodhhra@gmail.com or by going to the Contact tab of this website by 3 pm on Thursday, May 19th.  As well, if  you have question(s) you would like to submit, please do so in your email.

Feel free to share this information with your neighours and friends who are also Mississauga East-Cooksville residents and would like to attend and request for them to also email the AHHRA to confirm their seat.

To find your eletoral district for where your reside, visit https://www.elections.on.ca/en/voting-in-ontario/electoral-districts.html 

Thank you!

March 3, 2022 - The AHHRA's position on the Bloor Street Integrated Project

The Bloor Street Integrated Project covers a distance of @ 4.6 km from the Etobicoke border to Central Parkway.  Within this stretch there are 3 identified areas which includes the  'central area' with a distance of just under 2 km between  Dixie & Cawthra.  It is also the only area of all the City's Integrated Projects where cycling lanes have been or are to be placed where there are residential properties that directly front onto and driveways directly access onto a two-way east-west 2-lane each way major collector roadway as is Bloor Street.

In this central area alone there are 101 single family homes along with a plaza with 19 stores, 2 medical/dental offices, 4 residential buildings, a preschool and an auto mechanic shop. The east and west identified parts of the BIP have no homes with driveways that directly front onto Bloor. It is this ‘central area’ which is under 2 km that the AHHRA are addressing both in their petition and for the proposed cycle lanes to not be included.

From the residents who live directly on this central part of Bloor Street - most have been living here for 25+ years, and are the ones who would be directly impacted daily when driving into and out of their driveways, 77 homeowners of the 101 residential homes all say adamantly 'no' to bike lanes in front of their homes.

In the BIP plans in order to maintain the 2 lanes each way, and to allow for 'cycle track' lanes on each side of the street as is being proposed, boulevard space would very likely be needed which would result in the removal of boulevard's green space, trees being removed and additional driveway-parking area which is possible on the boulevard/driveway area would no longer be possible for the residents.

There is no other city project with planned 'cycle track' lanes where any of this has happened or would be happening. This past summer 2021 alone in this central area of the BIP there were 2 cycling collisions with vehicles with serious injuries to cyclists.

And, when speaking to residents in the area about cycling on Bloor, they clearly stated that even if there are cycle lanes on Bloor Street for their safety, they would still continue to cycle on the sidewalk because they do not trust vehicle volume and speed on Bloor Street.

Do the residents who live on Bloor Street between Dixie and Cawthra have no right to object to a city plan that will clearly interfere in their daily driving onto a very busy and high vehicle volume street, where there will be an increased safety issue for cyclists/drivers/ pedestrians and will also decrease the value of their homes?

There are other cycle lane options in Ward 3 that can be looked at and ones which would not in any way directly impact homeowners. The opportunity to discuss these options with City staff is welcomed. 

As a comparison, in Ward 9 and the Glen Erin IP - on Glen Erin from Thomas Street to Brittania Road there are residential homes with driveways that directly front onto Glen Erin however, the Glen Erin IP is not included on this stretch of the project. Why not? https://www.google.com/maps/@43.5738564,-79.7374065,17z

The Glen Erin IP with cycle lanes begins after this area of homes and starts from Brittania Rd to Derry Road where there is not one single family residential home that directly faces and accesses Glen Erin. 

As a residents' association, we are here to listen to our community and work together on issues that are presented. In this case, 76% of the people on Bloor Street who are the direct and main stakeholders and who would have to face the daily impact of any such addition of cycle track lanes in front of their homes and driveways - and as has been explained above - have clearly voiced their objection to any cycle lanes in the central area of the BIP.

What is the purpose of a 3rd community meeting along with the additional costs to the City and staff of this when all of the above has been communicated to Ward Councillor Fonseca and Jeffrey Reid and the community's petition has already been submitted? .

Feb. 17th, 2022 - Bloor Street Integrated Project Update

After the submission of the AHHRA's community petition in December 2021 and the presentation made at the January 19th, 2022 Council meeting, City staff are now planning another virtual community meeting to further discuss the Bloor Street Integrated Project

This meeting will be held on Wed. March 9th, 2022 from 6:30 - 8:00 pm.

If you would like to attend, please go to the followng page to register: https://www.mississauga.ca/projects-and-strategies/environmental-assessments/bloor-street-integrated-project/

Bloor Street Integrated Project / Study, AHHRA 'Central Area' between Cawthra & Dixie

Bloor Street Integrated Project / Study, AHHRA 'Central Area' between Cawthra & Dixie

Jan. 15, 2022 City of Mississauga's - Bloor Street Integrated Project/Study & the AHHRA

At this Wed. Jan. 19th,  Council meeting, the AHHRA will be presenting its position on the City's Bloor Street Integrated Project / Study.  On the agenda, it is the first deputation. The Agenda - under Petitions - includes the petition, statement of purpose as well as on the Agenda's 'Correspondence', a letter from Applewood Hills Plaza owner Mr. Sitzer.

A summary of this Study as well as the AHHRA's position is available on this website by going to the  'Community Updates' tab and from the drop down arrow selecting Bloor IP .

Updates will also be provided as new information becomes available.

Jan. 11, 2022 - Natural Ice Rinks in Applewood Hills & Heights Area

The lower winter temperatures have arrived and the community volunteers for the 2 natural ice rinks in the Applewood Hills & Heights (AHH) area are preparing the neighbourhood rinks that will be available for free to all residents to skate on.

As noted in a previous email the two rinks in the AHH are at:

Cherry Hill Park at 828 Flagship Drive at Rymal

Silverthorn Park at 3373 Cawthra Road accessible from path way off CedarCreek Dr. or from Schomberg Ave.

There is a third and smaller rink in Applewood Hills Park just south of Bloor Street on the park's east side and behind the property boundaries of a residential property. It has been learnt that "There is also a DIY natural ice rink behind a residents house in Applewood Hills. Being a do-it-yourself site, it does not have a heated rink hut with City water/hoses/tools etc. The City just puts up the boards and the resident fills it with water from their garden hose. This rink is also half the size of our standard 48’ x 80’ rinks."   As it is on City park property it too is open for use for free by residents at any time.

Google map showing both park locations is https://www.google.com/maps/@43.6046722,-79.6084264,16z

For the DIY rink - it is accessible on the south side of the Bloor Street bridge and Grand Forks where the Apple Hills Medical Centre is located.

On this website's Gallery section are photos of the Cherry Hill Park's natural ice rink when the liner was placed this past weekend as shared from August, lead community ice rink volunteer.

Thank you to August and to all volunteers who are helping out for these facilities to be available for all residents to enjoy!

When both rinks are ready for use, it will be shared in an upcoming update.

PLEASE NOTE following request regarding natural ice rinks:

It is very important to please stay off the natural ice rinks until they are ready to be used.

At the Cherry Hill Park location, signage is there stating to stay off the natural ice rink at the present time.

Signage will be placed again when the ice rink is ready to be skated on. This is a very critical point of preparation for it to open. “FOOTPRINTS and/or SKATING” on it = disaster at this critical time in the build out.

Thank you to everyone for your cooperaton in this matter. 

Thursday, Nov. 4th, 2021 Meeting with City Staff on "Increasing Housing Choices in Neighbourhoods Study"

The AHHRA (Applewood Hills & Heights RA) joined with the RHA (Rockwood Homeowners - neighbouring north of Burnhamthorpe from Dixie to the Etobicoke border) and requested to meet with the City of Mississauga team regarding the City of Mississauga's "Increasing Housing Choices in Neighbourhoods Study".

The meeting date has been set and scheduled for this Thursday, November 4th from 7 pm - 8 pm. Please take a few moments to learn more about this study by viewing the following: https://yoursay.mississauga.ca/increasing-housing-choices-in-neighbourhoods-study

If you would like to view and or take the City's survey which has now been extended to December 31st, 2021, please go to https://yoursay.mississauga.ca/increasing-housing-choices-in-neighbourhoods-study/survey_tools/ihcn-survey By reviewing this survey, you will also get a better idea of what type of housing options are being considered/reviewed by the City staff and give your feedback as well.

Please note some of the questions that we have been asked to consider in preparation for this Thursday's meeting as noted below:

Please share [the] three kinds of housing needs or stories from each community? For example, most residents in Ward 3 are older and would like to stay within their current neighbourhoods because it’s familiar to them and they have memories there. That familiarity can also help provide a sense of security. These are the kinds of housing stories we’d like to know more about.

What are your communities looking to get out of this meeting?

Is it more information on the Increasing Housing Choices in Neighbourhood Study?

To provide more feedback on their housing needs and tell us their housing stories?

To give us feedback on what we should consider as we continue with the study? Something else?

This meeting is a very important one for all residents of Mississauga as the City is looking for feedback from residents for the City's plans in finding alternatives and new ways in providing affordable housing options in Mississauga.

If you would like to join, please email the AHHRA before this Thursday and the meeting's link will be emailed to you. It is hoped that as many Applewood residents as possible will join so that as many people as possible from our community are informed.   As well, all who would like to give their feedback you will have this opportunity to do so directly to the City's staff/team and Ward Councillor who are involved in this study.

Bloor Street Intergrated Project, Community Meeting #2

A City of Mississauga community meeting is being held on Wednesday, October 27th from 6:30 - 8:00 pm to present and further discuss the plans for the Bloor Street Intergrated Project.  Bloor Street runs through the Applewood Hills & Heights area between Dixie and Cawthra.

AHHRA Fall 2021 meeting with Ward 3/Mississauga East-Cooksville Elected Officials

On Monday, December 13th, 2021 from 7 - 8:30 pm the AHHRA is holding its virtual fall meeting.

All of the 5 elected officials for Ward 3 / Mississauga East - Cooksville have been invited to join to allow the opportunity for all AHHRA members / residents to virtually meet and ask any questions we may have on municipal, regional, provincial, federal, school / school board -both DPCDSB & PDSB - related matters.

To date the following 3 representatives have confirmed their attendance:

1. Member of Provincial Parliament - MPP Kaleed Rasheed

2. Ward 3 Municipal & Regional Councillor Chris Fonseca

3. Dufferin Peel Catholic District School Board (DPCDSB) School Trustee, Mario Pascucci

4. Peel District School Board School Trustee, Susan Lawton.

5. Member of Federal Parliament - MP Peter Fonseca has replied that as of this past Friday his schedule would not allow for him to attend however should there be any changes to his schedule he has this meeting noted in his calendar.

All Applewood Hills & Heights residents/members are welcome to attend this virtual AHHRA fall meeting either to directly ask any question(s) to the respective elected official for our community or listen to what is being addressed/information provided as well as to be updated on AHHRA happenings to date.

All submitted questions will be initially asked at the meeting followed by, and time permitting, for all remaining questions asked from all attendees.

If you would like to attend and /or for any question(s) you may have please confirm your attendance and/or email your question(s) to us at this time or by Dec. 6th, 2021 (one week prior to the meeting ) along with the elected representative the question(s) is/are for.  You can do so by emailing  the AHHRA via the Contact tab on this website or at applewoodhhra@gmail.com

We look forward to your reply, any questions you may wish to submit for the elected representatives and to seeing everyone on Monday, December 13th, 2021!

Results of Federal Election 2021 for Mississauga East - Cooksville Electoral District

Preliminary Results:  Voting Results for the electoral district ofMississauga East—Cooksville Party Candidate Votes

Percent of Votes:

Conservative:  Grace Adamu 14,075 32.5 %

Independent: Gord Elliott 327 0.8 %

Liberal:  Peter Fonseca 21,338 49.3 % - Reelected

Marxist-Leninist:  Dagmar Sullivan 306 0.7 %

NDP-New Democratic Party:  Tom Takacs 4,405 10.2 %

People's Party - PPC:  Joseph Westover 2,825 6.5 %

Total number of valid votes: 43,276 Polls

Reporting: 226 of 227 (99.56 %)

Voter Turnout: 43,276 of 82,603 registered electors (52.39 %) -- does not include electors who registered on election day.

Population: 120,205

Number of electors on list: 82,603

Last updated at 14:04 ET Sept. 21, 2021

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  

MP Candidates Meeting for Mississauga East - Cooksville Electoral District 

Together with the neighbouring Rockwook Homeowners Association (RHA) with whom we are in the same electoral area, the Applewood Hills & Heights Residents' Association (AHHRA) is planning a virtual MP candidates meeting for this Thursday, Sept. 16th from 7 - 8:30 pm.

To date 5 of the 6 candidates who have confirmed their attendance from the following 5 parties are ( in alphabetical order):

Grace Adamu - PC, Progressive Conservatives

Peter Fonseca - Liberals

Dagmas Sullivan - Marxist-Leninist

Tom Takacs - NDP, New Democratic Party 

Joseph Westover - PPC, People Party of Canada

If you live in the Mississauga-East Cooksville area and would like to attend this virtual meeting, please email the AHHRA via the contact page of this website.  As well, if you would like to ask any questions please include this in your email communication. 

Sept. 9, 2021 Decision made by City staff for speed humps on Golden Orchard

Ward Councillor Fonseca has informed the AHHRA that the decision made by City staff is to have 8 split/speed humps placed on  Golden Orchard from Bloor to Burnhamthorpe.  Effort was made by the AHHRA with request for the number to be reduced by 1 or 2 as over 25 local residents in the area expressed concerns.  A community meeting was also held on August 24th.  However, after consideration by City staff the decision has remained that for the speed humps to be most effective in slowing down of vehicle speed there needs to be 8.  Consideration of even one less would have been preferred and appreciated in consideration of the 25+ residents who live either on Golden Orchard or on one of the adjacent street.  The plan is for these speed humps to be placed by the end of the 2021 construction year.

Community Meeting August 24th, 7 pm - 8 pm to discuss the Speed Bumps on Golden Orchard from Burnhamthorpe to Bloor

On behalf of AHHRA members who had expressed concerns on the total number of 8 speed bumps that are to be placed on Golden Orchard between Burnhamthorpe and Bloor Street, the AHHRA had requested that a community meeting be held with Councillor Fonseca and City Road Safety supervisor Colin Patterson via correspondence at the June 23, 2021 General Committee meeting to discuss the plan for the speed bumps and reducing the total of 8 to a lesser number.

This request has been approved; and, the Councillor's office has now scheduled a community meeting to discuss this matter.

To register for this community meeting to be held on Tues. August 24th, from 7 pm - 8 pm regarding the Traffic Calming Speed bumps on Golden Orchard from Burnhamthorpe to Bloor Street to discuss this matter as well as reducing the number of speed bumps from 8 to a lesser number, please go to https://mississauga.webex.com/webappng/sites/mississauga/meeting/info/e2760426995344b8aa6f4b7a03cf1308?isPopupRegisterView=true The password to key in when prompted is: Ward3

If you or if you know of other neighbours or local residents who would be interested in joining, please share this registration information with them.

For your reference and easier access, here is the link to the correspondence that was presented at the June 23rd, 2021 meeting https://pub-mississauga.escribemeetings.com/filestream.ashx?DocumentId=13683 as well as the link of the plans that were approved for 'Split Speed Hump" type of speed bumps for Project 2 area as shown on slides 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 and 7 at https://www.mississauga.ca/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/04142130/Traffic-Calming-Golden-Orchard-Plan.pdf

Decision made by City on proposal for a Serbian Art monument to be place at Applewood Heights Park

Sept. 21st, 2021 - City staff have decided that due to lack of community support for this proposal from feedback received at community meeting and emails to City staff up to mid-September, the proposal noted below is not approved and will not proceed further.

The City of Mississauga's Culture office has received a proposal from the Republic of Serbia Consulate General office for a Serbian public art monument to be placed at Applewood Heights Park.  Applewood Heights Park is located next to the Applewood Heights outdoor pool which is on Constitution Blvd, just north-east of Dundas.

If you would like to learn more about this proposal which is currently being considered by City staff, please go to https://www.mississauga.ca/projects-and-strategies/city-projects/serbian-canadian-monument-at-applewood-heights-park/  

A community meeting was held on Wed. Aug 11th from 7 pm - @ 7:45 pm to address and discuss this proposal with the attendees. There were 12 panelists  and about 12 members of the community who attended.  As was shared at this meeting, City staff will be accepting residents' feedback to this proposal until September 10, 2021.  After that a Q&A fact sheet will be prepared for additional information for the public.  At a  later date (which has not yet been set), this proposal will be brought to  City Council to be voted on if it will or will not be approved.  

The AHHRA is collecting feedback from its members and as a group will be submitting all responses only to the City staff by September 10th.  If you would like to share your feedback which would be included, please reply to the AHHRA by going to the Contact tab and submitting your comment.  

Thank you to all who were able to join the AHHRA's AGM 2021. The meeting went well with interesting discussion, updates and plans for moving forward.

The next meeting will be in the fall 2021 and hopefully will be a live one- and if this is not possible it will be virtual.  Mor information on the fall meeting will be available in September.

Save the Date! AGM - Thursday, June 24, 2021

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) for the Applewood Hills & Heights Residents' Association will be held on Thursday, June 24th from 7 pm - 8:30 pm. It will be a virtual meeting.

If you would like to attend, please contact the association at applewoodresidents@gmail.com.

The meeting's agenda will be shared a week prior to the meeting date.

We look forward to meeting with everyone and hope you will be able to join!

June 17, 2021 Bloor Street Integration Project & Bloor Street Bridge Updates

There are 2 City of Mississauga construction projects being planned for the Applewood Hills & Heights area.  These plans are for the:

1. Bloor Street Integration Project and

2. Little Etobicoke Creek Bloor Street Bridge


1. A Virtual Community Meeting for the Bloor Street Integration Project is taking place on Wed. June 23, 2021 from 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

All residents are welcome to join. 

For all  who would like to attend this meeting, please go to the following City online page for more information and to Register at https://www.mississauga.ca/projects-and-strategies/environmental-assessments/bloor-street-integrated-project/

2. The construction for the Little Etobicoke Creek Bloor Street Bridge Project is to take place between September 2021 to July 2022.  More information about this project will be posted when it becomes available.

To view the City of Mississauga's Construction Map, go to https://www.mississauga.ca/projects-and-strategies/current-construction-projects/

May 30, 2021 Update on Applewood's Traffic Calming Projects

Please note the following updates on the Traffic Calming - Speed Bumps for the two active City projects in the Applewood area (Golden Orchard Drive - project 2 and Flagship Drive): 

1.On Golden Orchard - Project 2 update

Results of the City's survey requesting feedback on this which was open from mid-March to April 19th are:

148 total respondents for both projects 1 & 2 (clarification for only project 2 was requested however, reply received that the project 1 & 2 'were not identified separately or surveyed separately'

As such, from the 148 total respondents to this online City survey for projects 1 & 2 - 96 said yes/approve, 46 said no/disapprove, 6 are undecided.

A breakdown of the 96 respondents who approve is as follows:

- 6 for Project 1 (on Golden Orchard from Willowbank to Rathburn),

- 18 for Project 2 (on Golden Orchard from Bloor to Burnhamthorpe) ,

- 67 support for both projects,

- 3 none of the above and

- 2 undecided.

Overall for both projects: 65 % -YES, 31% - NO, 4% - UNDECIDED

There are no City nor Ward Councillor plans at this time to hold a community meeting to discuss this Golden Orchard traffic calming project because of the level of support for the project that has been received.

Next step is that City staff recommend that this project along with survey results be presented to the General Committee this June for discussion; and, because of what appears to be enough support from the survey results, then the recommendation to Council will be for its approval. Once approval is given by Council the project would be implemented during this 2021 construction period.

AHHRA's survey results for Project 2 only

From the AHHRA's door-to-door survey and report on Project 2 only, which was submitted to City Staff and Councillor on April 20th and was also shared with email group, from the 59 residences on Golden Orchard from Bloor to Burnhamthorpe 51 respondents support the speed bumps.

86% - YES, 7%- NO, 7% No answer

The remaining 8 respondents, 4 did not approve and the remaining 4 were not available/open door to answer questions when visited.

One shared concern raised by both respondents who approved and disapproved was that 8 speed bumps were too many along this stretch and would prefer that this be reduced.

Request for a Community Meeting on this Project 2?

If there are residents who live on Golden Orchard from Bloor to Burnhamthorpe or on a street that runs off it and would like for a community meeting to be held to discuss Project 2, please email the AHHRA by this Wednesday, June 2.

If residents would like for a meeting to be held, this will then be requested of City staff and Councillor.

2. On Flagship Drive from Queen Frederica to Rymal

This Project with 8 speed bump locations on Flagship  ( three from Rymal to Tomken; and 5 from Tomken to Queen Frederica) was fully completed the week of May 31st, 2021.

Giant Silk Moth in Applewood. To view more on this and other, please visit Gallery.  Thank you to members for sharing.

Giant Silk Moth in Applewood. To view more on this and other, please visit Gallery. Thank you to members for sharing.

AGM 2021

The AGM 2021 for the Applewood Hills & Heights Residents' Association is being planned at this time.  Due to present restrictions, this will be a virtual meeting.  More information on the date and meeting access will be emailed to members when the date is confirmed.

If you are not an AHHRA  member and would like to become one, please send your request from the Contact tab on this website.

April 22, 2021 - City of Mississauga released its 2021 Roads and Stormwater Capital Program & Applewood

Today, the City of Mississauga released its 2021 Roads and Stormwater Capital Program. If you would like to view this media release, you can do so at: https://www.mississauga.ca/city-of-mississauga-news/news/construction-season-begins-in-mississauga-to-keep-residents-and-businesses-safe/

In this 2021 Program the Briefing Note that addresses Ward 3 and the Applewood area can be viewed at: https://www.mississauga.ca/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/21110114/2021-Ward-3-Capital-Plan.pdf

From this Ward 3 specific Briefing Note, this year's projects that are in the Applewood Hills & Heights area/boundaries (Dixie West to Cawthra East & Burnhamthorpe South to Dundas Street North) are as follows:

1. The following 2 streets are planned for rehabilitation this 2021 year. (pg. 2 of the Briefing Note)

- Parthia Crescent

- Tasmania Drive

2. Bridge & Culvert Renewal (pg. 3 of the Briefing Note)

- Will be done to the bridge over Little Etobicoke Creek on Bloor Street (between Runningbrook & Golden Orchard)

3. Road Safety Projects (pg. 5 of the Briefing Note)

Traffic Calming Measures for:

- Flagship Drive - currently in the planning stage

- Golden Orchard Drive from Burnhamthorpe to Bloor - currently in the public consultation stage

The City's Current Construction Projects online page as well as interactive map can be viewed at https://www.mississauga.ca/projects-and-strategies/current-construction-projects/

And, with the City's New Construction Pest Control Program which was officially approved at the April 7, 2021 Council meeting, the issue of rats/pests will be addressed on all of City of Mississauga's upcoming construction projects.

March 31, 2021- Speed bumps being considered for Golden Orchard Drive

Current Traffic Calming initiatives from the City of Mississauga include the proposal of placing speed bumps on Golden Orchard Road as part of  Project  2 of this initiative which is in the Applewood area.  

To learn more and to view the map of where the 8 speed bumps are being considered to be placed go to https://www.mississauga.ca/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/04142130/Traffic-Calming-Golden-Orchard-Plan.pdf  and view slides 5 and 7.

And, to complete the online survey with the extended deadline to this April 19th, please go to https://survey123.arcgis.com/share/446d03e45a954c8c87fb22c25d81881f?open=menu and click on 'Open in Browser'.

March 31, 2021 Presentation - Traffic concerns for Rymal Road

On Wed. March 31, 2021, a presentation was made by AHHRA member August to the City's General Committee regarding the vehicle speed on Rymal Road and non-stopping of vehicles at the Rymal and Flagship stop sign location.

Thank you to August!

March 13, 2021 - Gulleden Park YourSay Survey

To give your input to the City's plans to redevelop Gulleden Park - located on the south-west side of the Burnhamthorpe Community Centre - please go to https://yoursay.mississauga.ca/gulledenpark/survey_tools/gulleden-park-public-engagement-survey

Covid-19 Vaccination update for Mississauga residents 80+ years of age

Covid vaccine appointments are now possible for Mississauga residents who are 80 years and older.  To pre-register go to https://op.trilliumhealthpartners.ca/vaccinationreg/

For more information from the Region of Peel, please visit https://peelregion.ca/news/archiveitem.asp?year=2021&month=2&day=1&file=202121.xml

Survey Results on Burnhamthorpe Community Centre's Redevelopment and Communication to Residents

Thank you to all 56 respondents who replied to the survey.   The questions are noted below.  From the 56 replies, two people stated they knew about any plans to the BCC prior to 2020.  All other respondents, 96% first learnt about these plans, which included the permanent removal of the only outdoor covered rink in the City, in Fall 2020. 

To the question of the rink's permanent removal: 46 of the 56 respondents replied NO, 4 replied YES and 6 replied NEITHER.

The City's plans are to close the outdoor covered rink on March 21, 2021 followed by its demolition and construction of the BCC to begin in April 2021.  The BCC would then be the only city community center that would be closed and not available to the children/youth/adults/senior for any programs available there for them to participate in.  The Ward 3 community is expected to go to other locations to participate in any City programs during this redevelopment's projected closure of 2 years.

The social, economic and health impacts of this pandemic have  been many and very difficult ones.  As a result, all Ward 3 residents need and deserve to have safe and protected City facilities that are available for their use with City run regulated programs as the City gradually moves towards the 'new normal'. 

Is this the right time to demolish and close the BCC facilities which are ready and available for the Ward 3 community?  Can the plans for a redeveloped pool not be delayed for perhaps only one year so that the residents can have use of the BCC as well as the only City outdoor covered gym space? 

Share your feedback now by emailing applewoodresidents@gmail.com

Community Survey, February 2021

Dear Residents of Mississauga in Ward 3 and other City of Mississauga Wards,

In late September 2020 it was announced that the Ward 3 Burnhamthorpe Community Center was going to be redeveloped and it would close for 2 years beginning March 2021 for this redevelopment plan to begin.

At the Jan. 20, 2021 City council meeting it was noted by City staff that extensive community public consultations and meetings asking for residents' feedback were held for several years during the planning stages addressing the redevelopment of this Burnhamthorpe Community Center. (BCC) and for the residents to give their input on what they would like to see at the new BCC before the final redevelopment plans and designs were decided upon and approved by City staff and Council.

In December 2020 a Mississauga resident initiated greater awareness to residents and greater area that in the BCC's redevelopment, the City approved plans for the outdoor covered Chic Murray arena to be permanently removed and there was/is no commitment made in the plans presented by the City for this one and only outdoor covered skating rink in the City to be replaced nor relocated to another more suitable location near the BCC nor in Mississauga.

With this great effort of making this issue known by the Mississauga resident and which generated much attention via an online petition and in the media, the City staff is now open to the discussion of looking at other possible locations where this outdoor arena can be relocated to.

However, at this time it is not being stated by City staff that it would be a 'covered' outdoor facility as it presently is and are only stating that it would be a 'refrigerated outdoor rink'.

As a Mississauga community based group in Ward 3 we believe it is important for all residents in all City Wards - including us in Ward 3 - that we be informed, updated and directly communicated to by the City staff and/or respective Councilor via Canada post delivery of letter/flyer, newsletter and/or other means of communication with residents via online, media, local newspaper, street signage and/or other means of most effective contact with residents to inform residents of planned changes in the City, and in particular within their Ward where residential and business tax monies will be used for the plans being proposed by the City staff for the betterment of and all City land and facilities.

And, in this communication of proposed City plans that community consultation meetings be held which would allow for feedback from the residents to collaboratively work with City staff in giving their input and having a voice in the planning stages of any proposed community plan prior to and before any final decisions are made and approved on it by City staff.

The present redevelopment plans of the Burnhamthorpe Community Center will surely make more amenities available to the residents and will revitalize one of the City's first community centers.

The purpose of this email communication at this time is not to address nor question this redevelopment plan. Many local residents have expressed that they were never aware of any plans of any redevelopment of the BCC and only learnt about these to it in recent months after the plans were approved by the City.

This is concerning and is what is being addressed at this time so that moving forward effort can be made to ensure that any proposed City changes and/or development in the Applewood HIlls & Heights area, and in Ward 3, will be made known to us the residents for our input prior to plans and decisions being finalized by the City.

To this, your feedback is requested to the questions below so that there is a better understanding of the planning stages of any City community engagement sessions either online or in person in a public meeting setting that may have happened prior to spring 2020 in regards to the redevelopment plans of the Burnhamthorpe Community Centre.

Please take a few moments to reply to these questions.

Your feedback is very much appreciated and all information shared is completely confidential.

For the Ward 3 Burnhamthorpe Community Centre's redevelopment plans and permanent removal of the outdoor covered Chic Murray, your reply to the following is being requested at this time:

1. Did you know that the Burnhamthorpe Community Center is being redeveloped? Yes or No 

If yes, when did you first learn of the redevelopment plans? and...

How did you learn of these plans?

2. Did you know or hear about any City planned community meetings, consultations and or any online which were planned for the purpose of receiving input from the residents on what was being for redevelopment and what kind of facilities the residents would like to see available in their Ward prior to spring 2020?    Yes or No

3. If yes, did you attend? Yes or No

4. If yes, when approximately was this meeting held? and

Where was this meeting held?

5. Do you agree with the decision made for the Chic Murray outdoor covered arena (the only such facility in the City of Mississauga) to being removed completely and not replaced? Yes or No or Neither

6. Do you agree that the Chic Murray outdoor covered arena be relocated as it presently is as an outdoor covered skating rink facility to the Gulleden Park location that is next to the Burnhamthorpe Community Center or if not possible at this Park then to be relocated to another suitable City of Mississauga location? Yes or No

7. What Ward in Mississauga do you live in?

8. Or if you do not live in Mississauga, what City do you live in and did you ever live in this Burnhamthorpe Community Centre area of Mississauga?

Thank you in advance for your time in reading and addressing the above.

To email your responses, please cut and paste the above questions along with your response into a word doc. and email it as an attachment to applewoodresidents@gmail.com

Jan. 15, 2021, Update -Traffic Calming Proposal for Flagship

This update  is a follow-up to the October 15, 2020 post noted further down with photos and plans being made for this proposal.

The AHHRA followed up with the Ward Councillor and the following information was provided on the communinty feedback  on this proposal.

220 letters were mailed out to the surrounding community requesting for their feedback to the traffic calming proposal for Flagship Drive as noted below. This same request was also made from the Councillor's website and e-updates. The feedback received from City staff regarding this proposal during the engagement period from mid-September 2020 - Nov. 1, 2020 is as follows:

- 21 responses from residents were received

- From these - 17 (81%) were in favour and

- 3 (14%) were opposed.

- 1 (5%) was in favour of traffic calming east of Tomken Rd. but opposed to traffic calming west of Tomken Rd.

Next step:  The City staff will now prepare  a report to Council and if approved by Council the construction will be planned.

An update on the Council's decision will be made when it is available.

November 30, 2020 Traffic, Car Speed & Noise Concerns in Applewood Meeting

With request made by the AHHRA, on November 30 members of the AHHRA along with Councillor Fonseca and Colin Patterson - Supervisor of Road Safety for the City of Mississauga  had a virtual meeting to discuss the increased car speeding and noise in the Applewood Hills & Heights area and how these concerns need to be addressed.  A summary of the meeting's discussion along with plans for moving forward is available by to all members who were not able to attend by contacting the AHHRA. 

Oct. 22 - MIRANET's response to City's Noise Control By-Law Review

The proposed Noise Control By-Law Review for the City of Mississauga is to be presented at the General Committee Council meeting on November 18, 2020.  At this time the proposal is not known and will only become available for public review about 6 days prior to the date of the November 18th meeting. 

To read the position the Mississauga Residents' Association Network (MIRANET) has taken on this matter please go to https://miranet.ca/

Oct. 22, 2020 Burnhamthorpe Community Centre Update

The nearest community centre to the Applewood Hills & Heights area is the Burnhamthorpe Community Centre located just south-east of Burnhamthorpe and Dixe. To learn more about the planned renovations which are scheduled to begin this spring 2021 visit https://www.mississauga.ca/projects-and-strategies/city-projects/burnhamthorpe-community-centre-renovation/.

October 15, 2020 Proposed Traffic Calming for Flagship Drive

Traffic calming measures are being proposed for Flagship Drive and in the proposal would be placed all along Flagship Drive from Queen Frederica to Rymal.  An online public engagement period from Sept. 21 - November 1 allows for public questions and concerns to be made on this proposal.  The AHHRA has collected a list of questions about this proposal from members and will email them to Ward 3 Councillor Fonseca for her reply.  More information will be shared on this proposal when it is available.

Credits: Update on this proposal was shared with us by the Councillor along with the slides and information regarding this proposal that are shown below.

Flagship Drive
Flagship Drive
Along street where the traffic calming devices would be placed
Types of Traffic Calming to be used in this proposal
Information on the type of traffic calming
Where they would be placed from Tomken to Rymal
Where they would be placed from Tomken towards Constitution
Where they would be placed from Constitution to Queen Frederica

October 9th, 2020 - Update on the issue of rats in Applewood

At the October 8th, 2020 Region of Peel Council meeting a 12 -month pilot project to address the rat issue in the Region of Peel was approved. 

This is very positive news for all residents in the Region of Peel and especially to those of the Applewood communities. The AHHRA members and residents initiated the great concern and the need for action to be taken by the Region of Peel and City of Mississauga in addressing this serious problem and the great impact it was having on the them for several years and even more so this past spring and summer of 2020.

In summary:

On June 4, 2020 the AHHRA members and residents began to address this rat problem with the Region of Peel's Director of the Department of Healthy. 

After weeks of communicating with the Region of Peel staff in addressing this disturbing problem in Applewood and asking for action to be taken to eliminate the rats from the area and properties as well as asking for a community meeting to be held for the residents to address their concerns it was agreed that a meeting would take place.  On July 17, 2020, Ward 3 Councillor Fonseca then decided to address this matter which was being made known by the AHHRA and constituents in Ward 3. 

A virtual community meeting was held on August 11, 2020 which was later followed by a motion requested by the AHHRA of Councillor Fonseca to present to Region of Peel Council.  On September 10th, 2020 this motion  was presented.  A financial feasability report was needed to provide further information on what the cost to the Region would be for  a rat/pest program to be implemented before it could be voted on and for this reason the decision on this motion was postponed to the October 8, 2020 Region of Peel Council meeting.

To view the Region of Peel's media release on this matter go to https://peelregion.ca/news/archiveitem.asp?year=2020&month=9&day=9&file=202099.xml

Thank you to all AHHRA members and residents who joined in this important community effort of which all residents of Peel will benefit from.  With appreciation also to the Region of Peel Council members for understanding the great need for this rat/pest program and approving this motion. 

Our efforts continue as we have communicated Councillor Fonseca  asking for immeditate relief to the impacted residents in the Applewood area in dealing with the problem and for the City of Mississauga Property Standards by-law section  41 on Pest Prevention to be reviewed and include specific language to the matter of rat measures and enforcement.

September 26th, 2020 - Tree Planting @Silverthorn Park with the One Million Trees Program

On Sat. September 26, 2020, the AHHRA held its first tree planting event at Silverthorn Park - one of the 8 parks in its boundaries. 

Between 10 am - 12 pm , 21 participants planted 101 trees and shrubs under the organization and direction of staff from the City of Mississauga's One Million Trees Program. 

Thank you to city staff John, Skyler and Kyle for their enthusiam, support and time.

Thank you to AHHRA member Paul Marshall for initiating this event. 

Thank  you to all of the AHHRA members and residents who came out to plant and be a part of making Silverthorn Park a much greener place.

It is hoped that this partnership between the One Million Trees Program and the AHHRA will be an annual event with tree and shrub planting at a different park in the Applewood Hills & Heights area each year.  

To learn more about the One Million Trees Program, visit https://www.onemilliontrees.ca/ 

And, to view the video of the event, please see post below and as is also found on the AHHRA youtube page.

AHHRA Tree Planting with the One Million Trees Program

Sat., September 26, 2020 - 10 am - 12 pm at Silverthorn Park, Mississauga, ON

September 15th, 2020 - Update on Rat Issue

On September 10th, a presentation was made by AHHRA members, Region of Peel staff, a motion by Ward 3 Councillor addressing the rat issue for Applewood and for  the Region of Peel. 

After an almost 2 hour discussion, the decision was for a financial report to be made and presented at the October 8th, 2020 Region of Peel Council meeting outlining the cost impact of the proposals being made from the motion and discussion in addressing this rat issue for the Region and impacted residents.

To view the Region of Peel Sept. 10th, meeting addressing this matter go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-RDFj-9nhLE&feature=youtu.be  with the time of this discussion starting from 23:00 to 2:05:55

The community now awaits the October 8th report to be made and  continues to update and address futher concerns to Councillor Fonseca and Ward 1 Councillor Dasko. 

For any questions, concerns, feedback or if you are also experiencing this same problem and live in the Region of Peel please let us know.  Use the contact tab on this site to connect with us.  A list of impacted residents has been created along with photos and videos of what the commuity has witnessed.   

As has been understood from the meeting's discussion, this matter is long overdue for the Region of Peel and residents need a favourable resolution to be made available to them at the earliest.

August 25, 2020 - CBC Filming in Applewood

In September and October 2020 the CBC will be filming a new tv series in Applewood at 3287 Cindy Crescent.  To learn more about this new show, visit https://www.cbc.ca/mediacentre/program/lady-dicks

August 12, 2020 The AHHRA Action Steps for Addressing Rat Infestation in Applewood

After yesterday’s virtual meeting on the rat concerns in our area with the Region of Peel, City of Mississauga staff, Dr. Corrigan and with the over 60 residents who expressed interest on the rat problem, the following are the recommended steps to be taken by all residents who are experiencing rat sightings on their properties. Please share this information with neighbours and friends who you know are also experiencing rat problems on their properties. We need to work together as a community.

Residents who are experiencing rat sightings are asked to:

1. Contact 311 – to report the problem you are having with the City of Mississauga. 

*When you make your call, please remember to ask for and receive a Service Request number for your call from the 311 staff member.

*You should be given one and with this you will be able to follow up on this matter in the future when calling back to 311 to learn of the action that was taken by the City in addressing your concern/service request.

2. Contact your local Councillor’s office to express the rat problem you are having

*For Ward 3 it is Councillor Fonseca at 905.896.5300

*For ward 1 it is Councillor Dasko at 905.896.5100

*If you are in another Ward please go to the following page to find your Councillor and contact number http://www.mississauga.ca/portal/cityhall/mayorandcouncil

3. Contact via email the Applewood Hills & Heights Residents’ Association (AAHRA) at applewoodresidents@gmail.com to let us know of the rat problem you are having or go to the Contact tab of this website to connect with an AHHRA lead member.

In your email, please include your:


*your address and Ward Councillor

*for how long you have been having this rat problem and 

*let us know how you have dealt with this up to now o confirm if you have contacted 311 and your Councillor

*email us any photos you have of rat sightings and/or rats you have caught

*keep us updated on what is happening with your continued concerns.

Feel free to contact the AHHRA via email at any time to address and discuss further. A file is maintained by the AHHRA with community feedback and photos as we continue to work together with City Councillors and Region of Peel staff on this community to end this rat infestation problem and for its effective resolution at the earliest.

Thank you to Everyone in working together on this community effort to which we are all working towards an effective resolution at the earliest in partnership with the City of Mississauga Councillors and Region of Peel staff!

Important Community Meeting on Rats in area on Tuesday, August 11 from 7 - 8:30 pm

In the AHHRA's ongoing committment to our community, a meeting has been requested with the Region of Peel and City of Mississauga staff to address the rat problem and sightings in the area and to establish effective solutions to this continuous problem not only in Applewood but for all areas in Mississauga.

All residents are welcome to join this very important virtual meeting with the Region of Peel and City of Mississauga staff on rat concerns in the area.   

Meeting information:

Date:  Tuesday, August 11th, 2020

Time:  7 pm - 8:30 pm

Access:  Online access will be forwarded to all who wish to join upon reply confirming you wish to join the meeting.

For more information on meeting and to confirm your attendance please email the AHHRA at applewoodresidents@gmail.com or by going to the Contact tab of this website to reply.

Thank you!

July 31, 2020, City of Mississauga - Region of Peel is in Stage 3

City of Mississauga - Municipal Updates

June 20, 2020 - City of Mississauga, Tele Town Hall Meetings

If you would like to listen to the discussions of the recent City of Mississauga Tele Town Hall Meetings, go to https://web.mississauga.ca/city-of-mississauga-news/covid-19-recovery/tele-town-hall/

June 20, 2020 - City of Mississauga & Covid-19

City of Mississauga Updates on covid-19 are available at https://web.mississauga.ca/city-of-mississauga-news/covid-19-recovery/

June 20, 2020 - Update on State of Emergency in Ontario

To learn more about the Government of Ontario's state of emergency measures due to covid-19 go to https://www.ontario.ca/page/covid-19-government-service-changes-and-public-closures

April 7th, 2020 - Mayor Crombie meeting with Rate Payer Associations, Summary

Below is the summary of Mayor Crombie's teleconference meeting with the Rate Payer Associations in Mississauga  on April 2, 2020.


Hello Ratepayer and Resident Associations,

Thank you for participating in yesterday’s discussion. Your input helps us better understand the impacts of COVID-19 in local communities and neighbourhoods.

I also appreciated hearing your proposals and suggestions on how to address these challenges. I want to thank our Councillors, Dr. Lawrence Loh and representatives from Peel Region for participating in the discussion. We had well over 50 Resident and Ratepayer organizations that participated on the call.

Below is a summary from our discussion and attached you will find a list of community resources available to provide immediate support to seniors and others in your community who are in need. Please feel free to share this information with your members.

Resident Associations raised the following key themes:

• Many expressed concern about public disregard for social distancing at local parks, lakes, trails and other public areas. With parking lots locked, people are now parking cars on residential roads to access public spaces. To address this the City has installed signs in park facilities, removed basketball backboards and contracted security teams to patrol key park locations.

• Participants thanked Councillors and the Mayor for their approach and initiative on containing the spread of COVID-19. One participant said that there is comfort in knowing that all levels of government are cooperating and supporting each other.

• Resident and Ratepayer Associations are playing a leadership role when it comes to supporting seniors and vulnerable neighbours. Many have volunteers on hand to help deliver groceries and medications to their neighbours.

• Resident Associations continue to communicate (i.e. newsletters) with their membership, and in cases where residents don’t use internet or have email accounts, some RAs are reaching out by phone or dropping off letters.

• Residents recognized the strain and need for social services such as food banks and access to mental health resources. Some wanted to volunteer to help those in most need.

Those interested in volunteering can sign up to help at Volunteer MBC: https://volunteermbc.org/ .

Those in need of mental health supports can access resources from the Region of Peel’s site: https://www.peelregion.ca/coronavirus/social-support/#well

• City of Mississauga COVID-19 site: www.mississauga.ca/coronavirus • Region of Peel COVID-19 site: www.peelregion.ca/coronavirus

Declaring an emergency under s 7.0.1 (1) of the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act provides the City of Mississauga with options to protect the health and safety of individuals and families living in Mississauga.

If an infected individual is or was known to be at a City facility, the City would contact Peel Public Health and follow directions on containment. Wiping down daily with disinfectant, counters and other touch points, washrooms, door handles, elevator buttons, automatic door operator plates, toilet flush handles, faucets, etc. at City facilities.

Media Contact: Carley Smith Supervisor,

The City staff replied that these points would be considered and looked into.

Pronvincial - Ontario 

Media and Public Information City of Mississauga 905-615-3200, ext. 4203 Carley.Smith@mississauga.ca TTY: 905-896-5151

The presentation that was shown at the Tomken Arena community consultation can be viewed by opening the attachment to this email. Following this power-point presentation, the discussion took place followed by a question and answer period.

In addition to these 6 community sessions, there were 3 target group sessions during the first 2 weeks of February.

• There were many health-related questions asked about disinfecting groceries, wearing masks in public, holding community tree planting events or how to care for someone with COVID-19. Dr. Loh cautioned against tree planting and park clean ups as they encourage prolonged interaction.

• Region’s Social Services listings: https://www.peelregion.ca/coronavirus/social-support/

“Given the rise of cases of COVID-19 here at home and around the world, we are taking pro-active measures as a City to ensure the health and safety of our residents. Closing all City recreation, library and culture facilities to the public for three weeks is the right decision and is aligned with measures being taken in public schools and in other jurisdictions. I understand the impact the cancellation of March Break programs will have on families.

Additional points that were noted at this session were the noise nuisances of power machines/equipment, shouting and swearing.

These target groups were for the Ratepayer Associations, the Construction companies and the BIA's. The 3 sessions were again for about 1.5 - 2 hours. Attendance for these was @ 6 people at the RA, 3 at the Construction session and @ 10 at the BIA one.

• For members who are small business owners, the City’s Economic Development Office offers free webinars: https://www.thefutureisunlimited.ca/event-tag/small-business/ as well as a Business Relief Portal https://www.thefutureisunlimited.ca/covid-19/ where businesses can use the selector tool to discover which federal and provincial supports apply to them. I encourage you to join us for the next Teletown Hall meeting on Wednesday, April 8th at 7:00pm.

• To help with mental and physical health while staying indoors, the City’s Recreation department has posted exercise videos on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MississaugaRec/ .

• There was a recommendation to develop a system to check in on neighbours. One way would be to post coloured flags in home windows. Green means ‘all is well’, yellow would alert ‘caution’ and red flags signal a ‘call for help’.

In terms of next steps, staff will be working towards actionable items to address the concerns raised. We plan to continue this dialogue with you and will look at organizing follow up conversations in the weeks ahead.

You can join the session online by clicking the following link: www.mississauga.ca/livestreamevent or you can listen by telephone. Please dial 1-877-229-8493 and enter ID number: 115911.

To view updates from our federal, provincial, regional and municipal, governmental agencies please click on the following links:

The purpose of these gatherings was to reach out to the public and inform them of the plans to review and revise the existing city's noise and nuisance by-laws and to ask for public input on what they (the public) view as the main noise nuisances/ concerns and to share ideas/input on how to improve in the revision of these by-laws.

• Members expressed concern over increasing incidences of vandalism and speeding on the roadways. A suggestion included increasing Police patrols.

The city's Noise Control By-Law Review community consultations and target group sessions have now ended.

Online, there is no final date provided by the City for online survey submissions however, after asking about this, we have been informed that February 29th was the final day to complete the online survey.

• Participants flagged the potential increase in domestic violence issues and they specifically asked for Police to undertake wellness checks.

“Declaring an emergency will help us act quickly to manage the impacts of COVID-19 on our residents and business during this evolving situation,” said Mayor Bonnie Crombie. “The health and well-being of our residents and employees is our priority. We are looking at the long-term impacts of this pandemic. Declaring an emergency along with the Region of Peel and the Province of Ontario will give us the flexibility we need as a municipality to manage the situation. We must be ready to act when needed and we must send a signal to all residents that this is an unprecedented situation that they must take seriously.”

Peel Region

City Hall and the Provincial Offences Court remain open.

City of Mississauga

MiWay continues to provide regular service.

March 1, 2020 - City of Mississauga's Noise Control By-Law Review Summary

Attendees also expressed the need for more quiet hours in the neighbourhoods. Finally, concern was expressed on the fact that once the online survey was completed and submitted there was no indication/confirmation of it being successfully sent.

As was told to attendees at the ratepayer's session in early February: By that time there were 2,815 submitted online surveys.

From the submitted surveys as well as from the overall responses given by residents from the community consultations, the major noise concerns to most residents come from construction, traffic and fireworks. And, approximately 58% of these online surveys that had been submitted by that time, it was recorded that residents do not support construction hours to be permitted on Sundays.

March 23, 2020 - City of Mississauga Declares State of Emergency

City Events and Meetings

March 18, 2020 Links for Updates on COVID-19

City of Mississauga Response Activities

There are no Council or Committee meetings scheduled next week due to March Break.

After it has been addressed and discussed at the General Committee meeting by Councillors and any proposed changes that need to be made are completed, it will again be presented to City Councillors for their approval/vote.

Residents who wish to participate in the session can do so by registering in advance at: www.mississauga.ca/townhall .

* Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands.

At two of the sessions there were @ 5 residents at each, at other there were @ 8, at one there were no attendees and in Port Credit there were well over 100 people who attended.

From what is known to date, this is expected to happen in May 2020.

The City’s Emergency Operations Centre has been activated and staff are meeting regularly to monitor, develop and implement response measures as the situation evolves. Increased cleaning and disinfecting of common contact points in City facilities and transit buses.

Any updates to the above will be shared with AHHRA members.

We will continue to provide updates to residents as they become available. We ask for your patience and understanding. I’d like to thank City leadership, Council, Peel Public Health, our first responders and health care providers for their leadership during this trying time.

Warm regards,

Together, we will rise to the challenge as a City, a province and a nation to overcome this.” Public Messages According to Peel Public Health, the best way to prevent the spread of respiratory viruses such as COVID-19 is to:

* Avoid close contact with people who are sick.

The majority of Mississauga sports teams/leagues have suspended all activities. Check in directly with your sports organization for further details.

* Stay home if you are sick.

* Clean frequently touched objects and surfaces.

The declaration supports the Province of Ontario’s and Region of Peel’s efforts to contain the spread of the COVID-19.

The City of Mississauga will be closing all recreation, library, and cultural facilities starting Saturday, March 14 through to April 5 to the public.

• Food Resources: www.peelregion.ca/coronavirus/social-support • Resource for health and mental wellbeing: https://www.peelregion.ca/coronavirus/social-support/#well

This includes the Living Arts Centre, Meadowvale Theatre, Paramount Fine Foods Centre and the Mississauga Seniors’ Centre. Programming at these facilities will be cancelled.

In the meantime, if you have any further concerns or questions, please feel free to reach out to my staff: Natasha Mistry, Stakeholder Relations Senior Advisor at: Natasha.mistry@mississauga.ca

An “Emergency” is a situation or an impending situation that constitutes a danger of major proportions that could result in serious harm to persons or substantial damage to property and that is caused by the forces of nature, a disease or other health risk, an accident or an act whether intentional or otherwise. (Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act, R.S.O. 1990,c.E.9)

All City of Mississauga programs and activities will be cancelled from March 14 to April 5. This includes March break programs and activities.

 Dear Applewood Residents,

Best wishes, Natasha Mistry On behalf of Mayor Crombie

To learn about the latest updates on actions taken by the City of Mississauga visit mississauga.ca/coronavirus or follow @CityMississauga on Twitter. For health information, please visit peelregion.ca/coronovirus

The City of Mississauga will be offering full refunds without any administration charge.

Please be patient as we work through the process.

The  final day to complete the online Noise Review survey was  Saturday, February 29th, 2020. ( As was also previously noted on the AHHRA website in the request for all residents to complete this survey.)

Bonnie Crombie Mayor of Mississauga

Below is a brief summary of the Noise Review Consultation process as was made known to the public from the City's information page at: https://yoursay.mississauga.ca/noise-control?tool=survey_tool

Once the surveys have been reviewed and the community and target group consultations have been considered, a proposed revised Noise by-law will be presented to the City Councillors at a General Committee Meeting for discussion. No date has been provided yet as to when this will be.

March 13, 2020 - Update: Media Release from the City of Mississauga on Novel COVID-19

There were 6 separate community consultations held at various locations in the City of Mississauga during the month of January 2020 from 6 - 8 pm. The attendance at the above 6 sessions was not very high unfortunately; except for the session in Port Credit..

* Cover coughs and sneezes with your sleeve.

* Wash your hands with soap and water or with alcohol-based hand rub.

Mayor Bonnie Crombie has declared a State of Emergency in the City of Mississauga in consultation with Mississauga City Council and the Office of Emergency Management.

City of Mississauga Responds to Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

City services | March 13, 2020

With guidance from Peel Public Health and in an abundance of caution for both our residents and staff around the COVID-19 pandemic, the City is Mississauga is responding with the following changes in City operations at this time.

For the most up-to-date information on the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) visit Peel Public Health at peelregion.ca/coronavirus.

Here are several resources you will find helpful:

Federal -  Government of Canada