Serving the Applewood Hills & Heights areas in Mississauga East with boundaries from (North to South) Burnhamthorpe to Dundas and (West to East)Cathraw to Dixie. AHHRA's goals are to advocate with and for its members and to keep our community informed and connected. 

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We are advocating on behalf of residents to keep 4 lanes of traffic on Bloor Street. The City can add cycle lanes where they see fit. Of the ballots submitted at Meeting 4,

  84% supported keeping Alternative 5. It required a Freedom of Information Act to get that data. 

Despite multiple requests for data of any kind, they were ignored or denied, whether the request was from AHHRA or other residents. The traffic report was leaked to AHHRA.   Please see the Corporate and Traffic report on the left for more information. 

Bloor St Project  Corporate Report & Traffic EA from City with NOTES! 

2024-May 19- Why Bike Lanes have become a divisive issue-MissNews  Article 

Do you want BLOOR Street to change

from ONE LANE in each direction plus 1 centre turning lane from Central Parkway to Etobicoke?


Join the over 4,000 local area residents from Mississauga who have signed the petitions objecting to removing 2 lanes of traffic, to be replaced 1 lane each way and 1 centre turning lane.

Visit our Bloor Street Redesign page for Updates.

Non Violence Statement: "The Applewood Hills & Heights Residents' Association (AHHRA) denounces any verbal or physical abuse against any individual.  All people are entitled to their opinion without being made to feel threatened, intimidated, criticized nor judged.  The Association supports and encourages dialogue that is open and transparent towards the betterment of our community" 

Local community efforts are ongoing to oppose the plan to reduce Bloor Street from 4 lanes to 2 lanes with a center turning lane.



The By-election for a new Mayor in Mississauga gives residents a crucial and important opportunity to raise the Bloor Street issue with Candidates and demand that the reduction in lanes planned for Bloor St be reconsidered.


Candidate George Tavares is the first mayoral candidate for Mississauga who publicly stated he does NOT support removing 2 lanes of traffic for Bloor St. George Tavares supports keeping 4 lanes PLUS bike lanes! “From tackling congestion and speeding to promoting pedestrian-friendly streets, my vision is ambitious yet practical. I believe we can maintain the current car lanes while implementing protected bike lanes.” Watch George’s video for insights and support our cause by sharing!




  • An updated community flyer to the right.  Please share with concerned neighbours and friends.


  • NEW LAWN SIGNS are AVAILABLE. A $10.00 donation would be appreciated.


    • We are looking for volunteers to help with the petitions by canvassing their street or buildings.


     For signs, to volunteer or questions, please email:

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