Positivity & Kindness in the Applewood Community!

This week's project for Emma’s religion class at St Thomas More was to 'Ignite Hope' in the community by painting hope rocks. Come see them on Ivernia Road. We hope everyone is staying healthy and safe!




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April 26, 2020 Support Programs for Seniors from the Region of Peel

The Region of Peel offers a variety of programs for seniors.  To view the latest list prepared by the Region of Peel, please go to

April 7, 2020 - Region of Peel Update on Watermain Replacement in Applewood neighbourhood

Dear Applewood Residents,

For information on the Region of Peel's watermain replacement happening on Parthia Crescent, Argus Drive and Franconia Drive please go to the following link:

Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 crisis,  door-to-door notifications were not made via hard copies to the residents on these streets. This electronic link noted above will be updated with more notices as we move further into the project.

Please share this information with your neighbours if you reside on any one of these three streets.


November 6, 2019 - Update from the Region of Peel

The Region of Peel has provided an update on the Phase 2 work being done for the Cawthra Rd. Sanitary Sewer and Watermain - Residents.  

November 4, 2019 Projects: 18-2252 and 15-1345


We have started construction of the Cawthra Rd. Sanitary Sewer and Watermain, Phase 2. This is part of the Region of Peel’s multi-phased project to reduce basement flooding by diverting wastewater flow away from areas prone to surcharging, expand sanitary sewer capacity, and upgrade the water system capacity and reliability.

The scope of the Phase 2 project includes:

Installing 1500mm (5 feet) diameter sanitary sewer on Cawthra Rd from Burnhamthorpe Rd E to Bloor St, by tunnelling.

Installing 1200mm (4 feet) diameter sanitary sewer on Bloor St W from Mississauga Valley Blvd to Cawthra Rd, by tunnelling. 

Installing smaller diameter sanitary sewers and watermains along various adjacent streets, by the open cut method.


Construction started in November 2019 and will be substantially completed by January 2021.


We will manage traffic to minimize disruption to vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians. 

Regular working hours will be 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday to Friday. We may extend working hours for tunneling activities.

It is our goal to let you know 48 hours (2 days) in advance if we need to shut off your water. Occasionally, we may have to reduce this notice to 24 hours.


All roads and streets within the project limits will always remain open to traffic; however, we may need to temporarily reduce traffic to a single lane during some portions of work.

Due to construction activities, we may need to block your driveway for a short time. We will contact you before we do this to arrange for the best time and for alternate access, if needed.

On-street parking will be reduced during construction.


We will have to remove some trees along the construction route. We will replace these trees and restore landscaping when we have finished the work.


Noise level: Medium, some vibrations might be felt.

Contractor: Technicore Underground Inc. Site Inspector: Cole Engineering Group Ltd.

Any questions or concerns about this notice can be directed to:

Sandra LeFaucheur, Project Ambassador

Public Works 416-457-3889 V-01-158 08/06


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Sandra LeFaucheur, Project Ambassador, at 416-457-3889 or by email at Sandra.lefaucheur@peelregion.ca

September 2019

Construction on Bloor Street from Tomken Road to Queen Frederica

The Region of Peel will be working on Bloor Street from Tomken Road to Queen Frederica this fall for watermain replacement and improvements.  This project is scheduled to complete @ mid December 2019 pending on weather and other unexpected factors.

To read the Region of Peel's Resident Public Notice for this project, please click here:  https://www.peelregion.ca/pw/construction/miss/171310C.htm

May 24, 2019

Federal Elections to be held on October 21, 2019

For complete and up-to-date information for our electoral district please go to the Elections Canada website at  https://www.elections.ca/Scripts/vis/EDInfo?L=e&ED=35059&EV=99&EV_TYPE=6&PC=L4Y2M3&PROV=ON&PROVID=35&QID=-1&PAGEID=21

May 15th, 2019

The Region of Peel has changed its Garbage Exemption Dates.  To read about these changes visit click on the following link https://peelregion.ca/waste/Garbage-Exemption-Dates utm_source=wastelist&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=garbage_exemption

Aprile 2019 - Region of Peel, Silverthorn Pumping Station 

Update from the Region of Peel's website:

~ Phase 1 construction will start this spring and is anticipated to take two years and be completed by the summer of 2021. It is anticipated the reservoir expansion (Phase 2) will start immediately after the pumping station expansion work is complete.

~ Working Hours Construction will normally take place between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., Monday to Friday. If we must work outside these hours, we will let you know.

To view the complete update from the Region of Peel as well as contact information for this project happening in our community located at 881 Bloor Street (just west of Tomken Road on the north side) please go to http://www.peelregion.ca/pw/construction/miss/151940.htm