June 1, 2022 - AHHRA's Presentation to City's General Committee

On June 1, 2022 Members of the AHHRA presented to the City's General Committee the ongoing concerns of both the light pollution and noise nuisances that continue to exist from the play activity on the AHSS school field when it is in use by Community Sports Partners into the night.

And, to view the actual video of meeting go to the following link and click on the video at time 8:33 https://pub-mississauga.escribemeetings.com/Meeting.aspx?Id=09d647b7-1604-4983-ab8b-29766b7fba4f&Agenda=PostAgenda&lang=English&Item=27&Tab=attachments

Important clarification from what was stated after the presentation by the Councillor is:

July 22, 2019 letter referenced by CFonseca:

- the Applewood Residents were not invited to join in any meeting to discuss their position and what the changes they request with the school board, Community sports partners and city staff. All points made in this letter are from the result of the meeting held between city staff, Peel board's represenative and community sports partners represenative.

In the presentation the residents asked for objective decible measure of the noise nuiscance and to add to this, the objective candle measure of the light pollution onto residential neighbouring properties. 

CFonseca did not address this point/request at any time when she spoke nor did any of the city staff when speaking to this matter at the meeting.

nor afterwards as this matter continues to be addressed.

As well, the Applewood Residents have requested to meet with CFonseca to discuss the ongoing issues that arised from this redeveloped publicly funded school field however CFonseca has replied that a meeting is not required and not willing to meet with the residents.  

The objective request for the decible measure of noise and light pollution to be addressed has also been followed up on however, CFonseca is not addressing this in her reply. 

The community continues to address this issue.

On June 30th, 2022, Global News covered this community story. 

Ongoing updates to this important community issue will be posted as they become available.

Applewood Heights SS Field & Lease agreement with Community Sports Partners

Below this summary is an aerial photo of the Applewood Heights SS field showing its proximity and adjacent to residential homes/properties on Pinesmoke Crescent. 

At no time prior to any plans or decisions being made by the publicly funded Peel District School Board (lessor) and the (for-profit company company known as Community Sports Partners (lessee) to completely reconstruct this field was the community informed of these or any plans being considered. 

The Peel District School Board and  Community Sports Partners did not make any effort to inform the immediate residential community of their plans prior to finalizing their decisions for the public school field's complete reconstruction and use of which included:

the addition of 4 - 80 foot high stadium light poles,

changing the fields' surface from natural grass to artificial turf,

removal of several mature trees,

relocating the field's bleachers that had been renewed the year prior to,

addition of a wired fence to enclose and lock the track & field area and  

the change of use of the field after school hours from school use to the exclusive use to a private for profit sports company 

community access is no longer permitted on the public school field 

As a common neighbourly courtesy communication by the Peel District School Board to the community - and especially to the adjacent residential properties - of so many changes to this publicly funded community school field would have been expected and appreciated.

In addition, no site approval nor any permit of any kind for any of the school field's complete reconstruction was needed to be provided by the City of Mississauga's Planning Department for all of the above noted changes.  None.

It is important to also note that publicly funded schools are exempt in paying property taxes; and from the information that has been provided by MPAC and by the City of Mississauga's tax information on the assessment of this publicly funded school property located at 945 Bloor Street in Mississauga- the lessor being a for-profit company knowns as Community Sports Partners does not pay any property tax for their business use of this publicly funded field. 

From the time the residents learnt of these plans in early April 2018, the  potential and actual concerns have been addressed and continue to be.  The light pollution and noise nuisances negatively impact the neighbouring residents in the overall enjoyment of their homes and to their well-being.  

The City of Mississauga's Legal Department and local Ward 3 Councillor Fonseca said all along that there are Noise and Light Bylaws in place and we could make complaints to By-Law Enforcement in order to find resolution to our concerns of light and noise pollution.  The City staff state that  they consider this to be a 'neighbour issue' and not a city issue.  

And the publicly funded Peel District School Board and private for-profit business Community Sports Partners state that the City allowed them to go ahead with their plans of reconstruction to the school's community field and do not see or address the light and noise concerns being brought to their attention.

Complaint logs were and continue to be submitted to the City's By-law office and complaints were /are being made to Mayor Crombie, Councillor Fonseca, City's by-law enforcement office, other City departments and to the Peel District School Board.  However,  the City-Law Enforcement office now tells the residents that the noise is not unusual for a 'sports field' and the light glare/trespass onto residents properties in their 'Objective Opinion' is acceptable with no professional proof of noise or light studies as evidence to support their opinion/decision.

When and how did this publicly funded community school field become a 'sports field'?  

How can decisions be made by the City's by-law enforcement with no professional evidence or proof provided to support their decision(s)?

Below the aerial of the school field are some photos of the light pollution  created by the 4 newly erected 80 foot high Applewood Heights SS field stadium lights which were erected with no City permits required.  And, are not considered as 'structures' by the City of Mississauga's Planning and Development department. 

As a result of these new stadium field lights being on until 11 pm, there is activity on the field until that time (and on many nights after this City permitted time) which creates the noise concerns some of which can be heard in the video below the photos.  

The concerned and impacted residents are asking for these stadium field lights to be turned off daily at 9 pm when in use.

How would you feel if:

~such stadium lights would shine into your home  and

~the noise from the field being heard in your home even with the windows closed and

~you cannot enjoy the peaceful use of your own home and backyard  and

~all of the above continue to happen until 11 pm nightly?

Contact the Applewood Hills & Heights Residents' Assocation to express your support on their efforts for change for the Applewood Heights SS field hours to be turned off daily at 9 pm when in use.

Applewood Heights Secondary School, 'Revitalized' School Field at 945 Bloor Street in MIssissauga

Applewood Heights Secondary School, 'Revitalized' School Field at 945 Bloor Street in MIssissauga

View from street level of PInesmoke Crescent.
View from backyard of Pinesmoke Crescent property.
View from backyard of Pinesmoke Crescent property.

View from adjacent neighbours bedroom windows. Plus, the noise when half of the field is being used - at the furthest end of the field away from the adjacent homes - and only from the players.